Friday, May 12, 2006

Baby, everything's alright.

  1. I got a call from David last night! I was so happy. I raced to wake up as fast as possible, cuz I knew it was him. It was so amazing to hear his voice again. I miss him so very much.
  2. Today I made Mother’s Day cards in all of my lessons. It was nice and laid-back.
  3. I had ANOTHER boy talk about my boobs today. Geebus. Are they growing or something? This time is said they are as big as apples. It was weird. I don’t think he knows that I could understand him, cuz then he actually said to me, “Abie, I like apples.” I was like, “That’s nice. Good for you.” Hehe. Weird.
  4. Tonight I am going to a party in Saijo with Mr. T and his friend Mayu. I don’t know anything about the party, but it should be fun. I have a busy weekend ahead of me, thank goodness. Saturday, I am playing with Yoko. We are going to make pottery! Wooo! Saturday night, I may get a bit tipsy with John. Drink it up and chill, I think. Sunday I am going to Pan’s house to play. Weeee!
  5. I painted my nails bright red last night. Red nails are fun. They make me feel like such a woman. It’s nice.
  6. this is not good news. A teacher at my school, who is super duper sweet, had a stroke a few weeks ago. But I never knew. She just didn’t come to school and everyone just said she was on “holiday.” 2 weeks later, I find out that she had a stroke and is in bad condition in the hospital. She was the English Club Advisor for us. She’s such a sweet old lady. She’d bring us sweets and stuff. Bless her. Anyway, today and next Monday, we will put together a nice care package for her. I want to send her some nice flowers, too. I hope she gets better. I know how hard a stroke is. My Grandma had one years ago, and it’s been so difficult for her and the whole family.
  7. Next week I will be interviewing students who want to study abroad in America this summer. Kasumi, one of my English Club girls is applying. I have no doubts she will get it. Gambarre, Kasumi-chan!

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