Thursday, May 04, 2006

The louder the song, the bigger and stronger the singer.

  1. Today I went out with Yoko and Kana. We went to a really cute, beach-side restaurant first. It was a nice day, so we sat outside. It was really the kind of place that beach movies are shot. Very cute. Then, we went to this mini amusement park nearby. There, I got to ride 1 slow lame ride (that the girls were scared of! Bless!), 1 fast spinny ride, and a roller coaster. It was a short coaster, but geebus! I wish I had taken a video. I sat next to Yoko and she was SO scared! She was screaming out “Yaddaaaaaa! Okaaaaaaaaasaaannn!!” Bless her lil heart! After that, we went to a restaurant called “Asian CafĂ©” and it was delicious! I had a mango smoothie. Woah delicious! Then we came back to my place. Eventually John cam eover and met us, then Kana went out with some other people. So, John, Yoko, and I made tempura for dinner (sweet potato, avocado, and chicken). It was delicious! Then, we watched Sleepy Hollow, which I rented a few nights ago.
  2. Tonight I will watch The Blue Planet episode on the coral reefs. I am very excited about this.
  3. I think tomorrow I’m going to head into Niihama again to play for the day and night.
  4. John accidently broke a bit off my already broken camera and he apologized profusely. It was just funny cuz it won't work anyway, so why does it need it's battery door?

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David said...

I love you and all you do. Let my soul and spirit be a part of you now and forever. I allow my actions to be guided by the dreams i hold of us.
You are part of me and inside me. A place you belong and remain.