Friday, May 19, 2006

Nothing comes easy, it takes much practice.

  1. This morning, my banana for breakfast was delicious.
  2. Today I only had 1 class, and we watched Lilo & Stitch in it. Lucky for me, Lilo & Stitch kept them captivated the whole time, so they didn’t misbehave at all! Usually they are shitheads, but today they sat there with their mouths hanging open, engrossed in Lilo & Stitch. Nice!
  3. I did work today! I prepared my Monday’s lesson in advance. In fact, I have all of my lessons for next week planned and ready. I am such a lesson-planning stud.
  4. Lunch today wasn’t super yucky. I had ravioli (but not in pasta, in a weird soup with weird things floating in it.) I ate the raviolis… but I have no clue what was inside. Could have been anything. We also had date bread today. That was pretty good. I like the days when we have bread rather than rice. It’s very exciting to eat bread (god I am so lame for saying that!) And geebus, I am so full from lunch, I feel a bit sick. I’m not used to eating so much at lunch anymore…
  5. I need to buy a cute white shrug soon. The weather will hopefully be nice soon, and I want to start wearing my spring dresses…but I can’t do sleeveless at work. And even anywhere that’s a public place, it’s weird. So, I need something cute to wear with them! White would be the best, if I can find something here that will fit me. Maybe if the weather is still ok when it’s time to leave, I will run to Toyo and look in a few shops. When I say a few, I mean two. There are only two shops in the area in which I can look, and they prolly won’t have anything. Doh! But it’s worth a try.
  6. Cleaning time was funny! The big 2-nensei boy kept yelling out weird noises to me while I was cleaning down the hall. Then he took his broom, pointed it at me like it was a gun, and said, “My penis is a janken. For those of you who don’t know, Janken what they call the game Paper, Rock, Scissors. So, what he said really didn’t make any sense. After that, he and the boys he was cleaning with kept yelling out “My name is ____. I love you, Abie!” lol. Then while walking down the stairs, they argued with each other, “No, YOU love Abie.” “No, YOU love Abie!!” Very strange, but it at least kept me entertained for the 15 minutes of cleaning time.
  7. Rich and John came over tonight to play video games. I played Sims. We chilled. It was cool.

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