Saturday, May 20, 2006

Change the course of history.

  1. Today Ocha has played out for about 3 and a bit hours today. He was loving it! I figured out a way to set up my computer stuff so there is less chew factor, so I can play computer while he is playing. While he was running around, I did laundry, cleaned, washed dishes, and ate lunch. Now, I’ve set up the computer stuff, so it’s so nice! I can’t get too engrossed with anything though, cuz he still needs supervision. :o)
  2. Wow! My mother is the best person of all time. I just got a huge package from here. The contents were: Cadbury eggs, baked beans, 2 kinds of girl scout cookies, tortilla chips, STOVE TOP!, 2 boxes of mac n cheese, twizzlers, and a freakin adorable shirt! Wow! I am so happy right now. I love my mother!!! She spoils me so well! :oD
  3. Tonight I am going to Alexa’s birthday party. I made chocolate and strawberry rice krispies-like treats. They look pretty damn delicious, if I do say so myself.

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