Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I know I can be what I wanna be. If I work hard at it, I’ll be where I wanna be.

May 15, 2006

  1. Last night I went to visit Pan. We cooked a delicious chicken and potatoes and salad dinner. Then we watched Lilo & Stitch. It was cute. Hanging out with Pan is always good. She is such a bright, cheerful person. Very easy to adore. J
  2. I’ve decided that I want to watch Lilo & Stitch in as many classes as possible this week.
  3. Today I spend a few minutes pretending to write things in Word so I looked busy while Kyoto-sensei walked around the room going to each desk to snoop. He can’t read what I’m typing, so he can’t say that I’m not doing work (though I’m not really doing any…)
  4. After English club (which we ended an hour early!) Kasumi, Ayaka and I went shopping. They took me to a shop in Toyo that I had never been to before. It was lots of cute things. It was like a miniature, Japanese Junkman’s Daughter. Cool cool! I bought some socks and just a few little other things.
  5. Ikebana was nice. I didn’t do as well at it as last time, but not so bad. I think also now that the teacher knows that I like it and want to get good at it, she is being a little more strict on me. It’s good. Last night’s flowers were very strange though. I’ll put some pics of my finished product on flickr soon.

May 16, 2006

  1. So yeah, last night Ocha chewed thru my internet cord. Doh! Well, he can’t play in the kitchen anymore cuz of it. I trusted him, but… no more! Muahahaha! I’m not really mad at him. I’m annoyed that he did it, but he’s a rabbit. He didn’t know any better. He just saw a thing and wanted to chew it to see what it was.
  2. I had a silly time this morning. I made toast with cream cheese for breakfast (since I’m out of cereal!!!). I was running late, so I thought I would try to eat it on the way to school. If you don’t know, I ride a bike to school everyday. That’s an important part of this story. Oh, and it was raining this morning. So there I am, trying to juggle an umbrella, steer my bike, and eat a piece of cream cheese toast. As you can imagine, it was tough as I only have 2 hands to work with. So, I was just a few feet from my apartment building when I hit the bump to go down to the road. Well, I wasn’t totally prepared for it. I dropped my toast and then cuz the umbrella was in the way, I ran into a cement wall! Not hard, but my bike bumped it. It was silly. My super sweet, old lady neighbor saw it and chuckled a little at me. I felt silly, but it wasn’t so bad. I’m just sad that my toast was ruined!
  3. I am going to make something at school today. I don’t have any classes until 1:45pm. It’s 9:40am right now. That’s a while, ne?
  4. Tomorrow I have to interview a few students. They are applying for a very competitive study abroad trip this summer. I think my school gets to choose 3 kids to go. I already know two of them. Even if they fail the interview, knowing them before makes a difference. The 2 who are shoe-ins always talk to me and are very nice. That’s the most important thing, I think. Even if your English is so-so, smiling and being friendly is the biggie.
  5. I have no idea what’s for lunch today, but it smells like Ocha’s pee. (edit: The pee stuff was a chunky soup with lots of yucky things in it. I couldn’t bring myself to eat that. But, today’s lunch was more successful today because I had milk, rice, AND fish. Yesterday was just rice and milk. We also had a dessert with lunch that tasted sweet and ok, but the texture was like putting fresh mud in the mouth. I didn’t eat that much of that either…)

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Catie said...

I approve of your Lilo and Stitch plan. Just in case you were wondering.